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About Cookie Cutters

▫️ All cookie cutters designs in my shop are based on my own hand-drawn illustrations 💖

I have over 1200 unique designs for you to make awesome eye-catching cookies ✨🙌

And you can also make one-of-a-kind custom cutter of your own design.

▫️ Cookie cutters are 3D printed of food safe biodegradable PLA plastic. PLA is produced of fermented plant starch (like sugarcane, corn and others). I use clear (transparent) filament, which is its natural color of PLA as it is without additional colorings. They are not dishwasher safe and should be cleaned with dish soap and warm water. Please see how they look like on the video below.

▫️ I designed my cutters to make a clean cut and to be firm and durable. I use my own custom profile and special smoothing modificator for outline cutters, so that the thickness of the wall smoothly graduates from top to bottom making the base stronger and the edge sharper.

▫️ Outline cutters come in two depth options on your choice: 1/2'' deep and 3/4'' deep for thicker cookies.

▫️And I also have Cutters with imprint in my shop. They cut out and leave the imprint that stays after the baking. Please see How to use cutters with imprint.

▫️Each cookie cutter is custom made to order 💖 This is how the cookie cutter comes to life layer by layer - from idea to reality 🪄

▫️ Storage and handling: Please keep the cutters in dry and cool place. Stow away from the heat, direct sunlight or lightning units. Do not heat, do not put in the oven or in the microwave oven. Cutters can lose shape under 50 C and above because of the material they are made of.

Follow me on INSTAGRAM where I share new designs, making process and cool videos 🥰

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